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The best-selling book ‘The Best Thing About My Dad’ was written by Earl Michael Parkinson, a Ja-merican girl-dad to three daughters. When he was semi-retired, he chose to become an author during the COVID-19 times. earl has spent a large amount of his life reading novels and has yet to find one that is about his father. That’s when he decided to create his first book about fathers because they play just as essential a part in a child’s life as mothers do. He had never met his biological father, but his grandfather was an important figure in his life and upbringing. earl chose to dedicate this book to all fathers on Father’s Day.

earl has served in US Marine Corps and has earned his bachelor’s degree in business. He is a semi-retired licensed realtor. He has always been fond of reading and he wants all the children to read this book and appreciate their fathers for all they do for them.

This book is very beautiful. The artwork, the rhyming text, and the touching father/child bond are shown in the narrative. It's one of my husband's and our daughter's favorite books to read together, so I gave it to him. She's just a year old, but I'm sure she'll be reading this book for years to come. Lauren H.