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The hard work and dedication that our dads put in to raise us should not go to waste because dads matter too. It’s time that we should acknowledge them and pay them our tribute. This book is a small token of tribute to all the dads out there!

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A children’s book for them to learn gratitude for their dads. The book portrays the things, not all, but most of them that children could acknowledge feeling that they have the best dad in the world.


The man behind the masterpiece.About Author

Earl Michael Parkinson, the Ja-merican girl-dad to three daughters, wrote the best-seller ‘The Best Thing About My Dad’. He decided to become an author during the COVID-19 times when he is in his semi-retired period.

Earl has spent plenty of portion of his life reading books and could not find any book which was about dad. That’s when he thought to write his first book about dads because, in a child’s life, they play the most important role equally as the mothers. He had never seen his real father but his grandfather played a vital role in his life and upbringing. Earl decided to pay tribute to all the dads through this book on father’s day.

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2023The Best Thing About My Dad

Earl Michael Parkinson’s debut children’s book, The Best Thing About My Dad, is an American best-seller. Being a father, the book concentrates on the idea of what it means to both the parent and the kid to be a father. They carry their childhood memories with them throughout their lives therefore it is important for them to learn that their dads are the best! Get your hands on the book now!

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This book was purchased since my 2-year-old son enjoys listening to the books while we read to him. A sweet and straightforward narrative. I gave it to my son's father. Dad was overjoyed that someone thought to recognize baby's affection for daddy in a book; it made him feel unique, and my son enjoys the character images and the text. Sarah M.